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Girl Saves Boy Ficathon: 2010 Sign-Up, Rules and Whys

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Boy saves girl. It's a common plot point of TV, movies, books and even fanficition. Sometimes the boy saves the world as well as the girl, but it's usually not the other way around.

This ficathon is about the other way around. This is girl saves boy (and maybe the world too), a ficthon celebrating that women can damn well do some saving too - not just be saved.

The rules:

1. All entries to this ficathon must centre around a version of girl saves boy. The how is entirely up to the writer, though. It can be Lara Croft-style, but it can equally be through thinking, particular skills, bravery... Women can be very versatile. So can your plot be.
2. All fandoms are open. You may choose which one you wish to write in.
3. Romance is neither a must nor a no. It is at the writer's discretion.
4. The minimum word count is 750 words. There is no maximum.
5. Fics may be posted to personal journals and appropriate communities, but a link to your story must also be posted to this community.
6. Your story should have a proper header, with rating, summary, warnings if applicable and what fandom and characters your story is using. Do mention that your story was written for this challenge.
7. Please mind grammar, spelling and other writing essentials when participating in this ficathon. Having a beta is recommended.

Sign-ups are open between August 21st and September 1st by commenting to this post with the following information:

That's it!

Stories may be posted between October 1st - October 7th. If you at any point wish to drop out, please let misscam know. A masterlist of stories will be posted after October 7th.

If you wish to promote the ficathon elsewhere (and please do!), a variety of banners are available here.

Sign-up for 2011 here.
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